- 2023.11.05 22:59:05

  • User account on Cubtale mobile application is protected by a password. 🟠
  • Passwords are required to have at least 8 characters, including letters, numbers, and symbols. 🟢
  • All password data is one-way encrypted and can only be recovered through a reset process. 🟢
  • Social login processes are secured by the respective platforms (Apple, Facebook, Gmail). 🟢
  • User data is automatically backed up by Cubtale and may be replicated across zones for redundancy. 🟠
  • Data is encrypted both in the database and during the backup process. 🟢
  • Personal information may be disclosed when required or permitted by law or in the case of emergencies. 🔴
  • Personal identifying data is stored separately from health data, yet an encoded key can link both. 🟠
  • In-app payments are processed through Apple App Store and Google Play Store, with no financial data held on Cubtale's servers. 🟠
  • Existing data protection policies for in-app purchases are subject to the policies of Apple and Google. 🟠

Please note that,
🟢 indicates a low risk to user privacy,
🟠 indicates a medium risk to user privacy, and
🔴 indicates a high risk to user privacy.